CTQM Nielsen and CTN Lindhard Lectures

Professor Edward Witten
Institute for Advanced Study
School of Natural Sciences

Prof. Edward Witten holds the Charles Simonyi chair at The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He is one of the world's leading researchers in string theory (as the founder of M-theory) and quantum field theory and he has been honored with numerous awards, including a MacArthur Grant, an Einstein Medal, a Klein Medal, a Fields Medal, a Dirac Medal, a Clay Research Award and the National Medal of Science.

Poster for the Lectures.

CTQM Nielsen Lecture

Gauge Theory and The Geometric Langlands Program

Monday, 26 June, 2006 at 10:30 in Auditorium F at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Aarhus.

Abstract: A twisted version of four-dimensional supersymmetric gauge theory can be used to study the geometric Langlands program. The twist involved is analogous to the twist by which Donaldson theory can be obtained from supersymmetric gauge theory.

CTN Lindhard Lecture

Quark Confinement and Black Holes

Monday, 26 June, 2006 at 14:30 in the Lakeside Lecture Theatres, University of Aarhus.

Abstract: Quark confinement is the problem of understanding why quarks are permanently bound together into particles such as protons and neutrons. The talk will be a survey of old and new insights relating this question to string theory and black holes.


After the Lindhard Lecture, there will be a reception in the Lakeside Lecture Theatures.

The two lecture series

The Nielsen Lecture series is a new lecture series organised by CTQM. Prof. Edward Witten will be the first speaker in this series.

The Lindhard Lectures are organised by CTN. Prof. Edward Witten will give the second lecture in this series. The first was given by Sir Roger Penrose, Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, on 3 June, 2005.

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