CTQM Nielsen Lecture

Professor Vaughan Jones
Department of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley

Vaughan F. R. Jones is Professor of Mathematics at University of California, Berkeley. He is known for his work on von Neumann algebras, knot polynomials and conformal field theory. He was awarded a Fields Medal in 1990. Jones is also Distinguished Alumni Professor at the University of Auckland. He was awarded Distinguished Companionship of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2002.

Poster for the Master Class and the Nielsen Lecture.

CTQM Nielsen Lecture


Tuesday, 19 August, 2008 at 15:30 in Auditorium F at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Aarhus.

Abstract: A factor is a von Neumann algebra with trivial centre. Group algebras of discrete groups give interesting examples and subgroups lead to subfactors of a very special kind. After a survey of the founding results in the theory-index, bimodules, planar algebras, loop group constructions and more, we will discuss more recent results on pairs and more general subfactor families including angles and Bisch-Haagerup subfactors.

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CTQM will host a reception after the Nielsen Lecture.

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