Use of Local City Busses (Yellow Busses)

Multiple-Ride Card

You enter a city bus in the back of the bus and exit at front of the bus - there is a slot machine there - use a 20 DKK coin and press "V" (for "Voksen"="Adult"), or use a multiple-ride card (2 zones, 10 rides, in Danish "ti-turskort, to zoner"), which is about 100 DKK. A punch in the card is valid for approx. two hours. These multiple-ride cards can be bought in any kiosk or supermarket.

Bus Card

Are you staying for a longer period of time, you may save quite a lot, bying a bus card (2 zones), valid for e.g. one month or e.g. three months or longer (in this case, you will need to bring along a passport photograph). These cards can be bought at only a few places, a.m.o. at VisitAarhus, Banegårdspladsen 20, near the railway station.


You do not have to show your multiple-ride card or bus card to the driver at any time, but once in a while, two ticket attendants will enter the bus in front and at the back and ask everyone to show the proof of payment for the ride. The fine - if you do NOT have any proof - is 500 DKK.

Revised 18.05.2020

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