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How to reach Aarhus from:

Billund Airport (BLL)

Billund Airport is situated about 100 km. South of Aarhus.

The bus ride takes about 1,5 hours and the fare is 180 DKK, which you pay - cash only - to the bus driver. The bus stops in Aarhus at the Radisson SAS Hotel in the center of Aarhus very close to the railway station. Not many airport buses leave from Billund for Aarhus, so another option is to take local buses to Vejle, where you can then take a train to Aarhus. The following link may be useful if you have to wait too long for an airport bus to Aarhus, and wish to plan your travelling, using local buses and trains. (A taxi fare from Billund to Aarhus is about 1,200 DKK).
Web: Billund Airport
Airport bus to/from Aarhus

Aarhus Airport in Tirstrup (AAR)

Aarhus Airport is situated about 40 km. North of Aarhus.

The airport bus to the center of Aarhus has frequent departures from Tirstrup (after each arrival of a plane). The bus leaves right outside the main entrance. The bus ride takes about 45-50 minutes and the fare is 90 DKK, which you pay cash or by most credit cards to the bus driver. Do not wait too long in the airport after collecting your luggage. The last stop of the airport bus is at the railway station at the center of Aarhus, where you get off. (A taxi fare from the airport is about 520 DKK).
Web: Aarhus Airport
Airport bus to/from Aarhus.

Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup (CPH)

Situated 3 hours 30 min. East of Aarhus.

There are direct trains from Copenhagen Airport to Aarhus as follows:
When you have collected your luggage, go to Terminal 3 and follow the black line of tiles in the floor (there are also signs to the train) and when you come to a staircase which leads downwards look through the glass window and you will see a huge sign DSB, which is where you must buy your ticket (Price 327 DKK - one-way ticket + seat reservation). Then walk down the stairs to the basement and there is the train. The direct trains leave the airport every hour at XX:40 from 05:40 in the morning.

Other trains from Copenhagen airport to the railway station in Copenhagen leave every ten minutes and the fare is 25.50 DKK. Trains from the railway station in Copenhagen leave for Aarhus every hour at XX:00, and the fare is about the same as the direct train.
Web: Copenhagen Airport
Train information/ticket ordering

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