CTQM gets Visiting Niels Bohr Professorship grant.

Professor Nicolai Reshetikhin from University of California, Berkeley will be attached to CTQM as a Danish National Research Foundation Visiting Niels Bohr Professor over the next five years.

Professor Nicolai Reshetikhin from Department of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, is a world scholar of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics. The affiliation of Professor Reshetikhin as a Danish National Research Foundation Niels Bohr Visiting Professor during the coming 5 years will help to consolidate and considerably further extend CTQM's position among the leading research centers. He has previous collaborations with the director of CTQM, Associate Professor Jørgen Ellegard Andersen, and the continuation of this work on quantization of moduli spaces will be the focal point of the interaction and integration of Professor Reshetikhin's vast expertise. Professor Reshetikhin has considerable research interest in common with several of the other researchers at the center as well as a number of researchers in the Quantum algebra groups at the Department of Mathematical Sciences.
On the mathematical physics side, his presence will give a boost to quantum field theory and string theory in Denmark and enhance the development of this area between mathematics and physics planned at the newly created Center for Theory in the Natural Sciences at the Faculty of Science at Aarhus University.

Professor Nicolai ReshetikhinProfessor Nicolai Reshetikhin was born on the 10'th of October 1958 in St. Petersburg, where he, in 1984, received his Ph.D from the Steklov Mathematical Institute. After a two-year prize fellowship from Harvard in 1989--91 and the distinction of giving an address at the age of 32 at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 1990 in Kyoto, he was hired at University of California, Berkeley and has been a full professor of mathematics there since 1993. He is further the winner of a Sloan Fellowship, a Humboldt award and he is on the editorial board of a number of international mathematics and theoretical physics journals.

Professor Nicolai Reshetikhin's research area is naturally split into three fields: Quantum topology and moduli spaces, Quantum algebras and their representations and Statistical mechanics related to quantum gauge theory and string theory. He is one of the two founders of the field "Quantum topology" and he belongs to the absolute elite in all three fields, in which he has authored over a 100 research papers all published in international journals. A short version of Professor Reshetikhin's CV is available.

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