Initiation of the Niels Bohr Visiting Professorship Initiative at CTQM, Programme Monday 14 August 2006

On August 1, 2006, CTQM considerably extended its activities through the Niels Bohr Visiting Professorship Initiative of the Danish National Research Foundation. Professor Nicolai Reshetikhin from University of California has been employed at the center as a Visiting Niels Bohr Professor.

To mark the beginning of this initiative at CTQM, there will be a special programme for Monday 14 August 2006, in Auditorium F. At the same time, this is also the opening session of the workshop Quantum Moduli Spaces and TQFT.

In short, this is an excellent chance to meet the new staff hired by CTQM, which include three visiting professors, four postdocs and a number of PhD students and visiting PhD students. All are very welcome!


15:00-15:15 Presentation of the Niels Bohr Visiting Professorship Initiative.

Talk by Niels Bohr Visiting Professor, Nicolai Reshetikhin.

Title: Integrability and Invariants of Knots.

Abstract:  The talk will be focused on some aspects of invariants of knots. Jones polynomial and related invariants will be key examples. First part will be a survey of how Chern-Simons invariants, moduli spaces, and quantum groups are related to the Jones polynomial. Then the focus will shift to Khovanov homology. Finally, few words will be said about Chern-Simons versus topological string duality. This last subject made a substantial progress recently moving from vague ideas originated in string theory to a precise mathematical statement known as Donaldson-Thomas Gromov-Witten duality.

16:00-18:00 Reception in the Mathematics Lab. in the Library, 1st floor.

For further information please contact , Director of CTQM and researcher in charge of the Niels Bohr Initiative.

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